Simply Keto – A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss Review

The author of Simply Keto has shared every detail of her weight loss, from the first days of beginning keto to her most recent success, on her popular blog, Keto Karma, her YouTube channel, and Instagram page.

Simply Keto isn’t just a cookbook—it’s how the author accomplished the incredible feat of losing close to 40 percent of her total body weight and went on to develop a more balanced and healthier relationship with food. In the book, she shares everything you need to know to begin and build your own success.

The Keto diet is a low-carb, no sugar, high-fat method of eating. This writer can attest that it is remarkably effective at helping people shed pounds, find relief from common health conditions, and transforming people’s lives.

In her attempt to overcome her struggle with weight, the author discovered the Ketogenic diet and decided to try it. In one year, she shed 120 pounds and reclaimed control over her health and well-being.

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Best Features of the Book

When the author began Keto, she weighed 289 pounds, with her energy level and self-esteem at an all-time low. She felt sick, tired, and frustrated by her inability to have success on a healthy diet.

After just one year, she lost 100 pounds and developed a new mindset surrounding food. She has lost 120 pounds to date and her goal is to help others that struggle with weight loss to find the same success.

She began discussing her weight-loss efforts on Keto Karma, her YouTube channel. In addition, she has a popular blog where she posts useful information, recipes, grocery shopping, and other advice and tips related to Keto.

She believes people should look inside themselves and realize they already have the tools they need to change their lives for the better. Her book offers encouragement, recipes, and tips for making a success of the Keto method of weight loss.

Pros of the Book

In Simply Keto, you will find helpful advice for starting the Keto way of eating. In it, you will find:

  • It is written in easy to understand language
  • Beautiful photos of recipes on every page (my granddaughter actually went through and tagged every page where she liked the look of the food. bonus!)
  • Grocery shopping ideas and tips
  • Weight loss and Keto FAQs
  • More than 100 easy and tasty recipes – many have only 3 or 4 ingredients
  • A 30-day meal plan
  • Guidance for thriving, living, and maintaining the Ketogenic lifestyle

This is a highly-rated book on Amazon.com. Customers appreciate that they can relate to her story, as they have “been there — done that.”

She has developed recipes that use leftovers from the day before, which saves money and food waste.

Inexperienced cooks who never enter their kitchens have found this method of eating very easy and have success with it.

Cons of the Book

But of course, some negatives should be cited.

  • Most of the recipes call for ‘keto safe’ ingredients you might not have in your kitchen yet … but you soon will!
  • They don’t mention sodium content.
  • You need plenty of time to cook and clean the kitchen…at least anytime we cook in our kitchen 🙂

Overall Review of Simply Keto

The Keto diet is a highly effective, healthy eating plan that can guarantee success if followed correctly. As a low carbohydrate, no sugar way of eating, that doesn’t mean that fruits or a limited amount of carbohydrates is forbidden. It only means that you need to be careful of the amounts you ingest.

We love the 60 Second Mug Biscuits on Page 88, 89

This book will provide all the help you need if you have struggled with your weight and have had enough! If you have attempted to shed pounds with all the other diets out there and not had the success you desire, purchase Simply Keto and experience the victory that has eluded you.

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