SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Snacks Review

Sticking with a strict Keto diet can be a pain, and I’ve struggled to find snacks that aren’t boring, but also don’t throw off my progress. These SlimFast Keto Snacks are a good option, and help make it a little bit easier for me to move closer to my weight loss and overall health goals.

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I love that these come in packs of 14. That’s enough to last me a long time, but not so many I risk them expiring before I get to them. The packaging is also great, and I haven’t had any trouble with them opening up unexpectedly. There’s nothing worse than a melted chocolate-y mess in your work bag.

Also, being a fat bomb snack, these little treats help me get more coconut oil into my diet without a lot of added sugars. Anyone who has done a keto diet for any length of time knows how hard it is to get enough healthy fats into the daily meal plan. And most of the snacks that get the job done have to be made at home. There are weeks when I simply don’t have time to research recipes, buy all of the ingredients, and assemble healthy snacks for the week. These SlimFast Snacks are convenient, and I don’t mind paying a bit to save my time and effort at home. I figure my time and my health are worth more than the expense of buying pre-prepared snacks.

These also hold up really well for travel. I try to keep a few at my desk, and also have some in the glovebox of my car when the weather is cooler. I’ve had very little trouble with melting, and knowing I can grab one of these on the go makes it easier to ignore the call of the office snack machine, which is always loaded with terrible options. I’ve even given a few to coworkers, and they’ve ordered their own stash.

Are they the same as a traditional chocolate caramel cup? No, of course not. But they are a delicious way to feed the caramel cravings I often get in the hours after I eat lunch. The chocolate coating is yummier than it has any right to be, and the filling hits all the right sweet tooth notes. The trick to enjoying “alternative” sweet snacks is to go into the experience without expecting the snacks to taste just like an unhealthy alternative. You are far more likely to enjoy these if you taste them without looking for a candy bar effect.

If you’re looking for something to take care of your chocolate and caramel cravings without reversing your hard work staying on keto, these snacks are a good option. They also come in a variety of other flavors, so you can avoid getting bored with the same snacks over time. I have been very happy with the several boxes I’ve purchased, and I am planning to order more of these as soon as my pantry stock begins to run low.